Greenery Champagne Wall- For Purchase

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Purchase your own Greenery Champagne Wall with Local Delivery only in Hampton Roads, Virginia 🥂✨

The Greenery Champagne Wall is the elegant yet wow factor your next event/event business needs! This champagne wall is the perfect ice breaker and is perfect for any type of party, baby shower, wedding, open house, birthday party and more! Let this beautiful piece be the center of attention or an interesting "side bar" 😉

Currently providing delivery to the Hampton Roads area only

Please allow up to 2 weeks for purchase delivery. Each champagne wall is made to order.

Dimensions: 8ft in Height and 4ft in Width with a 2 ft double kickstand backing and 1ft x 5ft base.  The 8 ft wall comes with 55 flute holders.

6ft in Height and 4ft in Width with 2ft single kickstand. The 6ft wall comes with 36 flute holders.

Indoor Use Only and No Signage comes with Purchase.