White Champagne Wall Rental- Servicing Virginia Only

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The White¬†Champagne Wall is the elegant yet wow factor your next event needs! This champagne wall is the perfect ice breaker and is perfect for any type of party, baby shower, wedding, open house, birthday party and more! Let this beautiful¬†piece be the center of attention or an interesting "side bar" ūüėČ

Currently providing rental servicing to the Hampton Roads area only. Rentals are available for up to a 6 hour period. Please select the time your event starts and we will contact you for a time to setup. If you do not see your event time available and would like to confirm unavailability, please send us a message and we will respond within 24 hours. 

Dimensions: 6 ft in Height and 4 ft in Width 

Indoor Use Only

The White Champagne Wall comes with either glass champagne flutes or plastic champagne flutes. Plastic champagne flutes are clear with gold flakes, an example can be seen below. The option to rent without any type of flutes is available. 

There are multiple sign options available for your champagne wall rental, please select the option below. If you would not like a sign, please select "no sign". If you would like to have a custom sign installed or have us outsource a custom sign for you, please select "custom sign". For a custom sign, there will be an additional $50 for creation of the sign +installation. . 

For each damaged, broken or lost glass champagne flute, an additional $10 will be charged per flute. 

No champagne or beverages are included.