Mini Balloon Garlands

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 Our Mini Balloon Garlands are perfect for real estate agents, retail stores, event planners, political campaigns, and anyone looking to add a touch of whimsy to their signs and events.

Why Choose Invyte's Mini Garlands?

  1. Increase Visibility by Up to 50%
    Studies show that signs with colorful, moving elements like balloons attract 50% more attention than standard signs. Our balloon garlands ensure your message stands out and gets noticed.

  2. Boost Foot Traffic by 20%
    Retailers and real estate agents have reported a 20% increase in foot traffic when using our balloon garlands to highlight sales and open houses. More visibility means more potential customers and clients.

  3. Long Lasting
    Our balloons can last up to 2 months! Reuse our garlands or keep them on your sign for as long as you like! Weather permitting!

  4. Customizable and Versatile
    Choose from a wide array of colors and themes to match any occasion. From elegant to playful, our garlands are designed to fit your specific needs and aesthetic preferences.

  5. Subscription Service for Ongoing Impact
    Our subscription service ensures your signs are always adorned with fresh, vibrant balloon garlands. Subscribers save up to 20% per garland and enjoy the convenience of regular deliveries tailored to their schedule.

Our Offerings:

  • Standard 1.5ft Garlands: Perfect for highlighting signs with a burst of color.
  • Custom Designs: Tailored to your specific event or promotional needs.
  • Installation Services: Available for local clients to ensure a perfect setup.
  • Subscription Plans: Regular deliveries to keep your signs consistently appealing.


  • Standard Garland: $25 each
  • Monthly Subscription: $20 per garland
  • Bi-Weekly Subscription: $17.50 per garland
  • Weekly Subscription: $15 per garland